Adult's Course

Why Drawing is important for Adults?
"Because of its stress-reducing capacity - develop your ability to focus and pay attention”

Drawing, like many other art forms, aids in relaxation and stress relief by forcing us to pay attention to details in the environment, which mimics the experience of mediation. Spontaneous drawing is also said to relieve stress and improve focus. Enhances Creativity Strengthens Focus and Strategic Thinking Develops Communication Skills The more we draw, the more our hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop. With continuous line-drawing and blind contour drawing, for example, artists are forced to rely on their instincts, using both senses of sight and touch

Sketch - Shading - Portrait - Colour Pencil

Basic Drawing and Sketch for kids
Starting from the basics by giving them step by step guidance

Acrylic - Oil Painting - Water Colour

In Pencil Park, develop the importance of the handwriting Cursive & Speed Writing

Mural Art - Tanjore Painting

In Pencil Park, provide teaching in all types of medium starting from Poster Color, Water Color, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting